Sweet Girl (2021): Netflix Release Date | Official Trailer Is Out

sweet girl

Jason Momoa’s upcoming movie, Sweet Girl, just came out with an official trailer on Youtube with a bang. A story about how the greed of big company greed can destroy the life of a middle-class man is all you want to watch this fall. But the love of a normal man towards his family can change him into a devil. 

From the popular Aquaman to DC’s Young Justice, we have seen many amazing views of Jason Momoa. Fans have loved the actor from his small yet powerful role in the Game of Thrones series. Now, this is the time for him to show more of his side. The streaming giant Netflix is coming this August for the movie Sweet Girl. but before heading to watch the movie, here is everything you need to know about it. 

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Sweet Girl: What is it about?

Sweet girl

The movie follows Ray Cooper (Jason Momoa) who is a perfect example of a loving husband and father. Unfortunately, his life turns upside down after his wife died after suffering from cancer. There were pretty high chances for his wife to survive but the pharmaceutical company has withdrawn an important medicine that holds the potential to save his wife’s life. 

The company removes the drug from her wife’s medicine just before they are going to start the treatment. After knowing all these things, Ray started to take his initiates to fight back among these big dogs. But the journey isn’t as easy as it seems. 

On the other hand, Ray’s daughter is growing up and learning fighting skills from a local coach. Ray has started the fight against the CEO of the pharmaceutical company. He has plans to remove all these life-saving drugs from the market to make his own profit. Now, Cancer is already a deadly virus and there are already many people who think that it can’t be treated by humans, but it can. This movie reveals the dark side of the Pharma company and how they treat the local people for their own profit. 

The major attraction of this movie is the cast and their acting throughout the movie. What makes the movie different from others is that people can actually relate to it. In the recent years of the Global pandemic, we have seen many examples of this inhuman behavior from some scammers and pharma companies. 

The removal of an important drug from the market ultimately increases the value of the product and increases the profit of the company. We have seen many incidents where people sell medicines at double or triple the rate. 

Sweet Girl: When is it going to be released?

Sweet Girl movie

“As long as we’re together, we are still family”, Jason Momoa is back again to teach some serious lessons to the big fat man of the big company. In his recent official trailer, he is seen fighting with these people along with her amazing daughter. The audience is excited to see him on the screen again. The movie is coming on the OTT platform this year. 

Regarding the release date, the movie is announced to release on 20 August 2021. Fans can watch the movie on Netflix for the prime subscriber. 

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Sweet Girl: Is there any Official Trailer?

A week before, Netflix released the official trailer of their upcoming movie. With the devastating look of the movie, Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced are seen to be an amazing fit as a father and daughter duo. The official trailer has gained almost 3 Million views on youtube. If you are still unaware of the official trailer for this movie then there is nothing more important than watching it. Click the video below and watch the trailer. 

How did the people react to the movie’s trailer?

Sweet Girl isn’t Sweet after she found out about her mother’s death. The title of the movie doesn’t match the movie in reality. People point out that the movie’s name should be “Sweet Family” rather than “sweet family”.

After the movie released its first look on Youtube, the people were amazed at the live-action and dialogue which were presented by the cast. The movie focuses on some of the serious topics around the world that are often ignored by the people themselves. 

When the trailer dropped, people commented that they had already guessed the whole plot of the movie just by the trailer. A trailer video should create a lot of suspense in order to make many people attracted to it. But Sweet girl has generally made people guess the whole plot. But it is still not confirmed whether the movie will have the same plot or it is going to make something different

I am still waiting for the movie to release and see how the audience reacts to it. Comment down below about your thoughts about the Sweet Girl. 

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Wrapping Words

Sweet girl is coming this fall on Netflix and fans are waiting to watch this movie. Directed by Brian Mendoza, casting Josan Momoa and Isabela Merced. While the plot has already revealed much about the story of the movie, there are still many things that they have not revealed. The action/thriller movie revolves around copper and her daughter who is fighting for her wife and mother to get justice.

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