Supergirl reveals the Hero who saves Multiverse


The final episode of Supergirl confirmed that Lex Luthor of Earth-38 had been resurrected by the Monitor to save the multiverse.
The preview pictures of Crisis on Infinite Earths depicted actor Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor but there were no indications that it was the same version of Lex Luthor he had played previously.

Luthor’s return had been theorized by the fans following Supergirl’s season 4 finale.
Luthor had successfully faked his death while combating with Supergirl, where he teleported away at the last moment before his power armor exploded.


Unfortunately for Lex, his sister Lena had deduced what he was upto and was waiting for him in his secret hideout with a loaded gun.
However, in the final scene of season 4 the Monitor inspecting his dead body as his hand began to glow.

In Supergirl’s season 5 mid-season finale, the episode, “The Wrath of Rama Khan”, confirmed Luthor’s resurrection as Lex was seen on a platform in space, the abode of the Monitor first seen during the Elseworlds event.

While playing with a chess set, Lex greeted the Monitor as he returned and made a flippant remark about the decor which was ignored by the Monitor.

The monitor told him the reason Lex was brought back to life was that, “the universe will need a mind like yours” and that he could now “become the hero that you have longed to be.”

Lex answered by saying that he has always been the hero, but that he was happy to help the Monitor if it meant saving all reality.
To no one’s surprise, Lex Luthor is playing an important role in Crisis as multiple Luthors played major roles in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths comic book miniseries.

The Lex of Earth-1 became leader of an army of supervillains who originally were plotting to conquer the surviving worlds only to be recruited for a mission to save all reality from the Anti-Monitor.

The ironical parallel to superman’s origins was the Lex Luthor of Earth-3 who sent his infant son, Alexander Luthor Jr. to Earth-1 in a dimension-traveling rocket ship.

This journey had accelerated the baby’s aging and granted him the ability to manipulate matter as well as anti-matter, making him into an ideal hero to lead the charge against the Anti-Monitor.

It remains a mystery what role Lex Luthor will play in the television Crisis storyline.

If one reflects back, it is often seen that
Lex has played it straight when forced to work alongside superheroes just as much as he’s tried to double-cross them and try to win some kind of advantage.

Whatever the situation this time, Lex’s return is sure to have a major effect on Supergirl’s cast, particularly his sister, Lena.