Sudanese Set for Nationwide Protests Against Military Coup


Millions peopleĀ of Sudan already have come to the roads this week to protest General Abdel Fattah al-coup. Burhan’s

Critics of Sudan’s military coup have called for countrywide rallies on Saturday to seek the reinstatement of a civilian-led administration in order to put the country back on the right path to democracy after years of totalitarian government.


thousands and thousands of Sudanese have already people took to the streets this week to protest General Abdel Fattah al-coup, Burhan’s coup that deposed Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok in a coup that has resulting in the suspension of hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance.

Include at least twelve protestors killed in skirmishes with security forces this week, critics of the junta fear a full-fledged assault and more deaths.

“The military should return to its barracks and hand over authority to Hamdok,” said a protester who identified himself as Mohamed and expects to demonstrate. “Our demand is for a civilian, democratic country, nothing less.”

The US, which is advocating for the reinstatement of civilian-led administration, said the army’s reaction on Saturday will be a litmus test of its objectives.

Bashir, who ruled Sudan for over three decades, was toppled by the army after months of unrest.

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Hussam Ibnauf, a Khartoum committee activist, said the protest date had been well publicized and that he expected a large turnout.

“Everyone on the street… they’re aware of October 30.” “If they know, the rest is simple,” he says. He said that there was no longer a “fear element.”

Burhan has stated that he dismissed the cabinet in order to avoid civil war after civilian politicians incited enmity toward the armed forces. He maintains his commitment to a democratic transition, including elections in July 2023.

According to political analyst Magdi El Gizouli, Burhan’s calculation is that he can repress the opposition with force, if necessary, while banking on the support of people who want stability.

While the army must avoid bloodshed on Saturday, Burhan’s opponents must make reasonable requests, he stressed.

According to Amnesty International, Sudanese government must prevent security staff from using excessive force. “Sudan’s army authorities… must make no mistake: the world is witnessing and will not condone more slaughter,” Amnesty International said in a release.

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