Students’ Attitude to Abortion: How to Express Their Point of View


Every day, thousands of students around the world get pregnant and many face the dilemma of whether to keep the pregnancy or terminate it. A lot of stigmas are associated with student pregnancy, especially when they get pregnant at teenage.

Discussions about abortion have been wide among politicians, teachers, NGOs, parents, students, and many other concerned parties. Different students hold varying attitudes concerning abortion depending on upbringing background, religion, personal choices, and peer influence. They can express their views in different ways.

Abortion education is inadequate

In one part, about 60 percent of populations in the world live in nations where abortion has been legalized. That means a student who gets pregnant is free to legally terminate the pregnancy. On the other part, there are no elaborate means to educate the population on how to carry out an abortion.

Many students feel that there should be elaborate education about abortion to empower students with positive choices when they have to choose abortion against all odds. Reproductive health should be taught in schools as a mandatory subject because it is the only way to help students get knowledgeable about the subject and their choices.

The topic of abortion remains a sensitive topic but students get highly affected by negative abortion notions from society and their peers. The challenge is even more sensitive when students lack forums or platforms to openly discuss abortion.

Essays are one of the best ways to discuss the topic of abortion and they can get a lot of ideas from a collection of abortion essays on Samplius because the essays have deep details on the subject. The students may opt to write the essays as individuals or they can bring their ideas together and write collectively on the subject.

There is a lot of stigma about abortion

A recent study revealed that at least a third of all women in the united states terminate a pregnancy before they reach the age of 45 years. Regardless of the means, most of them feel the law protects them against anyone who might try to accuse them in a court of law.

However, the women greatly suffer abortion stigma, mostly at the society level, even from the lawmakers themselves. At the society level, they face the pro-choice campaigners, who try to dissuade them from abortion. Another level of stigma is at the family level, as the family feels they should not have gotten pregnant in the first place.

Society, too, is involved due to culture, religion, and beliefs. Other students might no longer approach the student in a friendly way and all this stigma affects a student’s choice whether to keep a pregnancy or not.

One of the best ways for university students to express their thoughts is through writing. Writing takes different forms and students can write blogs, write social media posts, start abortion websites, and so on. If they want to write researched content about abortion, writing an essay will be the best option.

If students want to learn first from other essay writers, the many free essay samples on can be the best place to visit. Students should not limit themselves on the depth of research they can do or the number of essays they can write until their views on abortion receives positive attention.

Parents/teachers should not be involved in deciding to abort or not

In most cases, students who get pregnant while below 18 years require their parent’s consent before terminating a pregnancy. A few parents give psychological support to the student, but most parents don’t. According to the students, parent’s consent is a big hindrance to their right of choice. Teachers, too, should not get involved in the student’s choice to terminate a pregnancy.

It is being irresponsible to get pregnant

A few studies reveal that most students expect their peers to have wide knowledge about the availability and use of contraceptives. According to them, there are no chances of a student getting pregnant and if they do, it is a sign of irresponsibility in terms of failure to use contraceptives. What they do not discuss is the fact that the protective methods can sometimes fail.

What avenues are available for students to express their views about abortion

Peer discussions about pregnancy are not enough but the private discussions must be brought broadly to the public to sensitize the public on the need for action. Students can use innovative ways to discuss issues about abortion and some of the following ways can be useful.

Discuss abortion through writing 

Writing is one of the oldest ways of expressing people’s grievances, and students can write on the subject through essays, blogs, newspaper columns, and other websites that talk openly about the topic.

Write video scripts and create videos

Another best way for students to discuss their views about abortion is through movies. Students can prepare scripts about abortion and prepare videos that can run between 30 minutes to an hour or more. Some great movies about abortion are Never Rarely Sometimes Always, Obvious Child, and October Baby.

Discuss on social media

Social media platforms are another great way for students to discuss their abortion views. They can use text, images, videos, and whatever other means they can use to post vivid messages about abortion.

Discuss in student forums 

Student forums are one of the best places to discuss abortion openly because the forums involve people of the same age experiencing similar challenges. Student forums can be in a classroom setup, annual meetings, online meetings, and so on.


The subject of abortion remains a sensitive topic even in nations where abortion is legal. Although it’s legal in many nations, the law doesn’t expressly elaborate how it should be carried out. A lot of stigmas are associated with abortion and society, families, and religions must have long-lasting solutions to the subject.


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