Stranger Things will have a Split Season?


There is speculation that the fourth season of the sci-fi series, Stranger Things will split into two parts.

But, there is no official announcement as such till now.

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It was confirmed by Netflix that season 4 will stream soon but there are no specific details.

Filming is expected to begin in early 2020, as confirmed by both lead stars Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven and Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler.

There’s a rumor that season 4 will be showing the last of the Stranger Things chapter.

But it now seems to be false; since season 4 splits into two parts then the second part will be technically called season 5 confirming it as the last season.

According to the report, it seems like the first half of the storyline requires more episodes for fulfilling the narration; resulting in a final arc as the next season for the gripping finale of the show.

The probable reason is that Netflix wants its audience signed up for the long-term so they can earn more money by creating such tales.

As per the information by our inside sources, there is an anticipation of season 4 split; confirming the theory of having season 5.

While aforementioned may just be a rumor about a split final season.

But, our undisclosed sources have been right regarding several other prior claims.

So, the claim of season split appears factual; that is being denied by the network authorities to attract more attention and hype.

As you know, some correct remarks included the fact that Han Lue will return in Fast & Furious 9 movie and that Transformers is getting a reboot.

Yet, there is no word of confirmation from Netflix regarding this matter.

So, all watchers have to abide to see the full revelation about the series.

Currently, Season 1,2,3 of Stranger Things is streaming on Netflix.

Watch it, if you haven’t.