Stranger Things Season 4: We Have Proof That Hopper Is Alive, Here’s Why


Stranger Things is one of the most popular properties Netflix has in its core arsenal and with the entry of Apple, Disney, HBO and NBC the streaming war has begun to heat the on-demand market.

So what, if eleven loses its power? big deal! And so what if a man who always saves everyone cannot save himself? So what if Joyce overthrew Hawkins, (the place where it all began)? I mean, it’s not bad at all. It just sounds terrible! Well, this is where last season hung us.


But don’t jump to conclusions so soon. There is no clever trick that assumes that Hopper died just because he had an explosion.

At least after that which we came to know. At the end of the final episode of season 3, we all saw Russian prisoners as American prisoners, leading us to hope that Hoppers might be alive.

In an interview, David Harbor indicated that it is possibly the most hopper in that Russian cell.

” Fans have also suggested that Dr. Brenner, El’s father, is still alive, and no one knows about his whereabouts.

So he can be the opposite. Russian, which is Russian. That means he could be an American prisoner. ”

We already know that Demogorgon is back for sure! Although the powers of XI are gone, one must stop Demogorgon. Someone else will. This brings back all the powers of XI.

So when will season 4 air?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but shooting is likely to begin in 2020. Some fans have also reported that Joyce and Hopper’s cars were seen together in early July and sometime around October.

Still, let’s hope for the best for this thriller and hope we see the hopper back on the show.