Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Revealed 10 Things

The trailer for season 4 of Stranger Things may have been brief, yet it revealed to us a ton about what is or maybe coming up.

As a Valentine to Stranger Things fans who have been restlessly expecting season 4 of the hit Netflix series, the service separated “From Russia With Love”, a story trailer for what could be the last season.

While it’s not exactly a moment long, it figured out how to open a great deal about what fans can generally expect from the series.

From the empty badlands of Siberia to the covered shadows of the Upside Down, the areas will matter in the following season.

They’re the first focal point of the trailer, with Russia and an Upside Down version of Hawkins accepting the most attention.

There’s a considerable amount of land among Hawkins and Eurasia but, so fans will no uncertainty speculate how exactly the characters will all be brought together, particularly since Season 3 remaining them so dispersed.

The major reveal of a cherished character’s arrival might be getting the most attention, however, the bird looked at Stranger Things fan can observe significantly more from the trailer.


When last we met our chief, he had bravely sacrificed his life in the Season 3 finale.

His courage stopped the inter-dimensional portal that the Russians had been trying to open below Starcourt Mall and he was considered dead, but a scene at a Russian jail made mention of an “American”, and fans anxiously thought it was Hopper.

In the Season 4 trailer, watchers see a long shot of a Russian jail, complete with prisoners serving on a chain gang and towers full of rifle-toting Russian guards.

As the scene closes in on the prisoners, one removes his winter cap, showing the Jim Hopper with a surprisingly shaved head and a wicked look.



For some time after Season 3, followers wondered what “American” the Russian guards were referring to when they saved an unknown prisoner’s life in favor of serving a Russian criminal to the white Demogorgon.

The “American” in the subject could have been Jim Hopper, or it could have been Billy.

Billy devoted his life to save his sister and her friends from the Mind Flayer’s flesh beast, and Hopper dedicated his life to save Joyce and the rest of Hawkins when he closed the door to the Upside Down.

Both actors seemed to die, but seeing Hopper in the trailer implies that he was American in the cell, not Billy.


When watchers were first introduced with Kamchatka, the Russian prison foundation in Siberia, it was as both a detainment facility and a feeding area for the white Demogorgon.

In the Season 3 finale, one Russian prisoner was given to the Demogorgon, while the “American” (presumed to be Jim Hopper) was saved.

The time break within the portal closing in a burst of power and several Russian scientists escaping means they could have taken Hopper with them when they escaped.

The officials would arrive and find nobody, and Joyce and Co. would find Hopper died in the blast.

It’s possible Hopper moved through the Upside Down, but then how would he wind up in Kamchatka? And more importantly, how will he leave.


It’s been announced on the Stranger Things Writers Twitter that there are some famous films that the new season will bring influence from, and they start to make sense once observers see the trailer for it. 

There are some prison break films such as Papillon, The Great Escape, and The Shawshank Redemption.

Another classic cover John Carpenter’s ’80s sci-fi masterwork The Thing, about researchers in the arctic that get chased by an alien body with the capacity to copy its victim. 

Given these clues, the Demogorgon or creatures like it may rise in Russia and wreak ruin on Hopper and the entire Kamchatka foundation (if he doesn’t escape first).


The only purpose to create a system through the Siberian forest would be to carry large packages.

This no doubt has something to do with the Russians trying to locate another Upside Down portal and build a connection around what they notice as a new gate.

They missed the first time they attempted it at the start of Season 3 and were required to perform Starcourt Mall just to cover their plans to try another gate.

Upside Down portals are located in important areas all across the Earth’s cover, and gates are created at areas where there’s a weak point between the Upside Down and the world of humans.

The Russians are no doubt working to produce stuff to yet another gate, where they hope to open yet different entrance.


The Mind Flayer has been working to get into the human face of life for some time now, painstakingly creating a confused mat of organic matter under the town of Hawkins to be able to start it.

It has been stopped thus far, but in season 3 it nearly made it through in a primary way by doing an inter-dimensional avatar moppet creature to do its dirty work.

Eleven and the gang may end up getting the fight to the Mind Flayer, as the trailer mysteriously shows “We aren’t in Hawkins anymore”, and highlights what seems to be an Upside Down version of the town, which we’ve only seen flashes of before.

Episodes that take place in the Upside Down could offer all kinds of new wonders.


Concerning movies like Aliens, where the bad people constantly try to play gods and compare the evil object even though it will almost surely mean their death, the Russians seem to be trying to use the Demogorgon for their wicked ends. 

The white Demogorgon in Kamchatka is free they’re working to use it to do their request on command.

If they’re strong in their trials, and manage to open a portal to the Upside Down, they’ll no doubt think they triumph with access to a cornucopia of evil beasts. 

Maybe they’ll be strong in their attempts to control some of its creatures, but it’s unlikely given the fact that they haven’t found the Mind Flayer.


As the trailer begins on the Russian prison, with guards watching the towers and the snowy grounds, observers will notice that a release lingers on one special guard’s face. 

Fans may remember him as the Faceless Man of Braavos from Game of Thrones, aka Thomas Wlaschiha, who manages to play strange tough guys.

He’s the only other appearance given as much screen time as Jim Hopper, so fans can securely believe he’ll be a major player at least in the series of the season in Siberia. 

He’ll probably be a major point in Hopper’s side, but it’s also conceivable he becomes an incredible ally if Hopper reveals to him the severe outcomes of tampering with the Upside Down.


In the Season 3 finale, Eleven no longer was in command of her abilities. Deeply weakened by her contact with the Mind Flayer’s avatar, she was eventually reduced to being “one of the gang”, with nothing especially noteworthy about her.

Possibilities are she’ll get them back after a period of conflict, ready to use them in the coming fight upon whatever threat the Russians are cooking up.

In season 2, the whole episode was continued to account for the arc between Eleven and the Espers, another various crew of teenagers used for the same sort of telepathic experimentation.

They weren’t as strong as Eleven, but they knew her struggles, and she’ll seek them out again in the new season, if for no other purpose than to not have their plotline have been wasted.


The conclusion of Season 3 was unbearable for some purposes; Hopper had dedicated himself to save everyone, Eleven had lost her adoptive dad, and Joyce was leaving her family out of Hawkins and all of its terrible memories.

The group had to say goodbye to one another, and it felt like everyone was moving on in various ways.

The trailer didn’t reveal where Joyce and her family ended up. The final scene to incorporate them in Season 3 highlighted them driving out of Hawkins and perhaps, the state of Indiana.

Watchers have no idea where they ended up, or whether or not they’ll be reached by their friends back in Hawkins when someone surely finds out Hopper is alive.

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