Stranger Things Season 4 Steve Harrington’s Death Sealed in Sacrifice Twist?


Stranger things is an excellent sci fiction based series on a parallel universe. If you are a science fiction fan then this series your cup of tea. 

With immense fan following and great reviews by the critics, this show is running very successfully in Netflix.


All About Season 4 and Season 5 :

Though there is no official announcement of dates, season four of Stranger things is happening. Producer of this show Shawn Levy has reported that work on the new episodes is underway.

So by mid-late 2021, we can expect the season four of Stranger Things. 

Not just season 4 but also rumors have come that with all the unanswered questions left in season 3, there are two installments of Stranger things planned to wrap up all the things up. 

So definitely there is a season 4 and even accompanying that there will be even a season 5 in no time for the fans to not feel tensed with the unanswered questions.

Rise of the character of Steve Harrington?

Mainly Eleven, Mike Wheeler and friends right from the start cover a lot of screen space and they are the lead roles in the series. 

But the character Steve Harrington has got very positive progress right from the start. He has created an exuberant friendship with Dustin and became a major part of the franchise. 

So he has become a very favorite character for all the fans. This puts all the fans in tension whether he will be alive or not.

As we can see by the end of season 3 we have witnessed a shocking death of Jim Hopper. Though the fans are hoping that somewhere in the future Hopper will be alive.

Interesting fan theories :

Many are concerned about the death of Steve Harrington as there are still two seasons yet to come. 

One fan says that Steve will be dead and the hopper is not dead. But the hopper who is alive is not hopper. Reacting to this one fan said that even he was thinking the same. 

Many fans have fantasied that at the end definitely, we can witness the death, Steven Harrington. 

This being the final sacrifice he makes to save his friends. So with all these theories coming up, we must wait and watch to see actually what happens. 

Because as the title itself tells, it is always strange that happens here. That makes all the fans get involved with it.