Stranger Things Season 4 spoiled Hopper’s destiny with a teaser for an effective marketing strategy.


Netflix’s first official footage for Stranger Things season 4 confirmed that Jim Hopper is alive. The loud reveal agitated up some questioning regarding why the series revealed Hopper’s fate ahead of the next season.

The Hawkins chief cop has been at the center of fan theories since the end of season 3.


The season 3 post-credits scene set in Kamchatka references an unknown “American,” which added a lot of fuel to fire up the came speculation of Hopper’s relic.

Jim Hopper seemingly died at the end of Stranger Things 3.

During the climactic fight within Starcourt Mall, Hopper, Joyce, and Murray volunteered to head underground to turn off the machine which was opening the Upside Down.

Dustin succeeded to get the code so that Hopper and Joyce could retrieve the keys.

Though before the duo had a chance to turn off the machine, Hopper had a face-off with Grigori and sealed off his only path to escape.

Hopper sacrificed himself so that Joyce could lock off the machine.

Everyone believed that he was gone for good, but that wasn’t the fact.

Post Credit Clip:

The season 3 post-credits scene shifted the focus to Russia, exposing that an American citizen was held in captivity.

While many watchers immediately thought the prisoner was Hopper.

The latest teaser for season 4 confirmed the hope of many fans that Hopper would return.

Not only is he in Russia, but the footage also shows that he’s working in a chain gang alongside other prisoners.

The teaser was met by excitement, but the timing of the release seems tricky as only seven months have passed from last season.

There’s no release date for season 4 to date.

The logic behind this technique looks to be a marketing tactic to bring the focus back to the main narrative.

Hopper’s Fate To Shift The Focus Of The Main Plot:

No, doubt Hopper’s fate has been ruling the focus of Stranger Things season 4. Fans are constantly cooking up new theories connected to his survival for future seasons.

The interest in the character’s future is obvious considering Hopper as one of the favorites of the show. Now that the show uncovered the truth, there’s no need to tiptoe around the bush.

By sharing the revelation of season 4 it will help steer the focus to the main plot. It’s an alike situation when Eleven’s fate was confirmed in the trailer of season 2.

So, now they could promote more mysteries. The teases and speculations for season 4 will work well for the bigger picture.

Of course, it’s clear now we will see the difficulties faced by Hopper in this arc set mainly in Russia.