Stranger things season 4: Return of Hopper & a possible betrayal?


Release date:

Without a confirmed release date, Netflix’s show Stranger Things has dropped a trailer for season 4.  Needless to say fans are buzzing with excitement & theories all over the Internet.

The new trailer actually confirms numerous fan theories of the return of a certain character. In the preceding season, fans saw the Hawkins residents trying to recuperate from their battle with the Mind Flayer.

After Chief Hopper (David Harbour) heroically sacrifices himself to destroy the Russian ‘key’ to the Upside Down, his death seemed like a sure thing.

However, not everyone was convinced. Many fans were adamant on their theory of Hopper somehow escaping from the Russian facility.

Where did fan theories emerge from?

In a mid-credits teaser after the finale, there comes a scene where two guards walk through a prison hallway & refer to an ‘American’ locked in one of the cells.

After the release of the latest trailer, fan theories have been proven right. The teaser confirms Hopper being alive. Season 4 is thus predicated to be focused on Hopper’s betrayal as he now works for the Russians.

Over the past seasons, fans saw the relation of eleven and Hopper grow stronger. Thus the Russians have to put some serious interference for things to end up in a betrayal.


The trailer puts special emphasis on Hopper’s freshly shaven head. It might be a possibility that the Chief might have undergone brain surgery. This would certainly serve as a good explanation for him to suddenly change sides.

His expression although fierce, is also vacant which might be due to his unwillingness to serve the Russians. He might have been forced in some manner.

Only the upcoming season can provide answers.