Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer And Are They Leaving Hawkins Behind


Is the fourth season of Stranger Things leaving Hawkins behind? Here’s all you need to know:

Stranger Things is a popular American science fiction web television series created by Duffer Brothers for Netflix. The show has been extremely popular ever since it’s the premiere in 2016.

Netflix announced that the arrival of a fourth season and we couldn’t be more excited! 


However, it appears that the creators of the show have made some significant changes for the fourth season, especially in terms of location and setting. We already know that a portion of the series will be shot in New Mexico. 

However, the rumor regarding the cast leaving Hawkins has been surfacing the internet! Hawkins, Indiana has been the home of Stranger Things since the arrival of the show in 2016.

As we already know that the third season of the show left off with Byers and Eleven departing from Hawkins, so it doesn’t seem impossible to believe that the fourth season could take place away from Indian.

Moreover, even though most of us assumed that Hopper died, he’s very much alive and is working for the Russians to extract any information that he can.

He too isn’t in Hawkins and it appears that he is living in Russia! Some fans believe that even though the shooting might not take place in Hawkins, something always draws them back in the end.