Stranger Things season 4 New proof Hopper is alive exposed in Joyce Byers hint?


More abnormal THINGS season four is as of now underway, and fans can hardly wait to see whether Hopper will return after his assumed demise in the Starcourt Mall blast. Presently, one fan has detected some new proof that Hopper truly could be alive.

More unusual Things fans have been anxious to know whether Hopper (played by David Harbor) truly is “The American” after numerous hypotheses started to flow that the detainee alluded to in the Post-credit scene could be him. Could Hopper have by one way or another gotten away from the Starcourt Mall blast? One fan thinks he has in the wake of recognizing a significant piece of information from Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder).


While the personality of the baffling “American” hush-hush for the present, numerous fans estimate it could be Hopper.

Watchers promptly got on the way that showrunners never demonstrated the Police Chief’s body after the impact.

Presently it appears the cherished character truly could have gotten away from death after fans detected a significant hint in Joyce Byers’ response to the blast.

Reddit client Gabbie Gabbie got on something fascinating after rematching the finale scene.