Stranger Things Season 4: New Killer Hopper Footage will raise these Questions in front of you. Find the answers here.

After the successful three Seasons of Stranger Things, fans are desperately waiting for its new arrival.There is no updates form the side of makers regarding the upcoming but the streaming platform Netflix just dropped some footage for the lovers.

The footage not only put light on Hopper’s fate but also raises a whole bunch of questions for the fans who are waiting for the new episodes.


Way back to Season 3

To understand it in a much better way lets slightly go back to Season 3. The last season ended with Hopper seemingly dead after Joyce had to activate the device that would close off the Upside Down in Hawkins.

Although, it was hard to believe Hopper dying and staying dead in just the third season.

But the upcoming have definitely something pleasing for us. Recently released teaser of Season 4 have shown a bunch of amazing thing. the first one is We’re definitely not in Hawkins anymore. The teaser revealed that Hopper is stuck in Russia. He is being forced to work on a railroad in the snow, along with a bunch of other laborers while armed Soviet guards patrol. As much as the teaser have created excitement all around,in the same way it have arose some questions. Let’s have a look of them

How Did Hopper Survive?

First and the foremost question is how did Hopper survive the end of Season 3 on Earth?

After seeing the teaser also it is still hard to justify how Hopper could have survived being in the room where the device clearly destroyed everything. One of the most obvious way for him to live would have been if before Joyce closed the gap on the Hawkins side Hopper  dove into the Upside Down. But is it really gonna be so straight?

 Hopper is American or Russia?

After the release of Season 4’s teaser another most raised question is about the identity of Hopper. The footage indicates Hopper is just another grunt working on the railroad. It doesn’t indicate any special status the “American” was receiving at the end of Season 3.

Without a doubt, all signs point out toward Hopper as the American since he’s, you know, an American currently in Soviet hands. But we can’t consider it as a fact because there are twist and turns waiting for us in every single episode of Stranger Things.

How Much Hopper Are We Going To Get?

What if he is an American? and What if he is Russian? The answer of this questions will reveal the existence of Hopper on screen. It will be interesting to see how connected to the main plot will he actually be.

Some current theories also says that Hopper will be the character whose origin story is told via flashback in Season 4. That means he would be account for some screen time. But how much ? that will be revealed after release.

What about rest of the cast?

At the end of Season 3, we have observed a split up of  lot of the cast.Rather than just sending Hopper to Soviet Russia it was about Joyce moving from Hawkins with Will, Jonathan, and El. Seeing Nancy and Jonathan still in a relationship. All this can be concluded at a point that not only Hopper but also other characters will get a good space in the upcoming string.

Is The Demogorgon Involved?

Most of the Hopper teaser simply reveals Hopper’s new circumstances in snowy Soviet Russia. But there is something which can’t e missed easily by our eyes and that is the Demogorgon. As the teaser fades to black the snarling of the Demogorgon can be heard.

This snarling of Demogorgon have put two questions in front of us.

Is the Demogorgon in Russia from the end of Season 3 involved in Hopper’s plot in Season 4? Or was it just included at the end of teaser as this is Stranger Things? But as the saying goes on everything happen for a reason. We have suspicion that the existence of Demogorgon is also have a connection with Hopper.

As Netflix has not announced a premiere date for Stranger Things Season 4 yet, there is a long way to go. Only time will tell. But we can make guesses and will look positively for their answers in the next string.

For now, you can catch the first three seasons of Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.

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