Stranger Things Season 4 Might Have 9 Episodes


Right from the release of stranger things, it has created immense anxiety in their fans about their releases. Its short duration with unique and interesting storyline makes people engage with this series.

 Most importantly not just the story but the actors who play the roles made the fans amaze with their acting get themselves more involved. 


With three seasons already released, and the third being a massive hit fan is a lot waiting for the fourth season to roll out.

About Season 4

The upcoming season of the stranger things might be a bit longer than normal. In general, it has 8 episodes. 

But now reports have come that it will have 8 episodes linked with the story as always with an additional one episode which is about the origin story of one important character of Stranger things. 

This makes all the fans eagerly wait for the next season for one more suspense ride to experience.

Even for season 2, the makers did a similar kind of thing. It was of 9 episodes and among the 8 general episodes, one was about the “Lost Sister”. 

Season 3 suffered a bit from this episode as it has taken a wrong lesson from this extended episode despite being a massive hit for Netflix in terms of viewership. 

But as it seems that they are going the change the entire formula for the fourth season of stranger things. 

The series must start with story partly outside Hawkins and combined with deeper insight into the interesting backdrop story of the vital character as mentioned.

Release Date

Last year September the official twitter team of this series have come up with the teaser of season 4.

It’s written that we are no more in Hawkins. Millie Bobby Brown has confirmed that the shooting for the series has already begun early this year. 

So mostly season 4 will hit Netflix in December of 2020 or January of 2021. So till the official date comes out, this is the most probable time around season 4 is going to be released if everything goes well.