Stranger Things season 4 : Hopper maybe escaped from the deadly explosion


Stranger things season 4 is an upcoming series that comes under the Stranger Things sequel.

It is created by Duffer Brothers and is also one of the best series on Netflix to date. It is no doubt that it is the most-watched series on Netflix.


The first and the second and also the third season was so good and it received many positive reviews from the public.

After the third season, the fans were left confused that Hopper was dead when the deadly explosion had occurred.

But don’t worry fans Hopper the chief of the town Hawkins maybe still alive.We could see Hopper in season 4 and it is quite sure that the fans would love it to see Hopper alive.

He is one of the central characters of the series, he also had a terrific role to play in the first, second, and third part.

Although the death of Hopper seems pretty concrete, fans have been hard at work in deciphering whether he truly died.

Earlier in the third season, the viewers of the show are shown some scientists being caught by the harrowing machine.

The fans have now argued that if Hopper did die the there was no proof of his death.

it seems that maybe Hopper had jumped into the dimensional gate before the explosion had occurred. T

This means that the monsters are also still out there roaming out in the open.Let’s wait for the series to be there on Netflix and see what had happened to Hopper.

If you think Hopper is dead then comment down below and specify your thought that why he is dead.

Let’s hope the best for the whole team and Duffer brothers. The series has been truly a wonderful series to date and hope that the next part will also be a wonderful one.