Stranger Things Season 4 Expected Release Date and Every Other Detail

Stranger Things Season 4 Expected Release Date and Every Other Detail

Stranger Things is a series that needs no introduction. With 3 current seasons, the fans are anxiously waiting for Stranger Things Season 4. But it is sad to know that we might not be getting Season 4 in 2020 at least.

However, as per David Harbour, it wasn’t in the plans even. He confirmed that Season 4 was delayed to early 2021. But now it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. The pandemic led to a change of plan. The shooting was stopped midway in March 2020. From an earlier planned 2 week-long break, it turned out to be a 6-months-and-counting halt.


Will Stranger Things Season 4 launch in 2021?

Stranger Things

The show has a cult following which has always waited between the seasons. But, will the viewers have to wait much longer for Stranger Things Season 4?

Well, it seems there is still a chance for the release in 2021. However, if the filming resumes, it will still take about a year for the official launch.

If there are no changes in the calendar, the filming will continue after the pandemic. Already 5-6 months of production is left. Thereafter, post-production and promotion will take about half a year time. That makes a year-long ait.

Rumor has it, shooting might resume in September. So, this indicates a fall release in 2021. But, everything is just a rumor. We have no official updates regarding the production yet.

Will we have to wait till 2022 for the show

However, if the pandemic continues, the production till be delayed. further delaying the launch till 2022.

Only if they can somehow expedite the process, we can get a late 2021 release. However, the chances of making the process faster are slim. This is because of the heavy CGI . also it is released in subbed and dubbed version of multiple languages.

Not to mention, the heavy marketing. With tons of sponsors and corporate relations, ‘Stranger things’ is the most marketing series on Netflix.

Will Stranger things Season 4 will be a Valentine season?

Well, until now we have had two holiday seasons. season 2 was set on Halloween and Season 3 at the Forth of July. David indicated an early 2021 release before the pandemic. Could that be mean a Valentine release?

On top of that, Netflix released a video of Hopper on Valentine Day 2019 in Russan Prison Camp. It might be a sign. As we move towards fall, the 2021 release seems difficult to accommodate. We will soon have a clear timeline, once the shooting resumes.


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