Stranger Things Season 4 can payoff the Season 2 of the series Dr Owens Russia tease

The Russians’ arrival was also teased in the Stranger Things season 2, and the character Dr Owens might know more than he wants everyone to believe.

Stranger Things season three revealed that the Russians had been conducting their own experiments in the Upside Down and they had even established themselves at Hawkins. But the second season, Stranger Things has also left a lot of mysteries that will hopefully be solved once the fourth season arrives.

Stranger Things Season 4

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The series Stranger Things have been different types of threats, and even though the villain Demogorgon, then the Mind Flayer, and also the Upside Down continues to be the main menaces, the hero group had also come across with the human enemies that also have brought a lot of trouble.

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The main villains now are the Russians, who made a secret lab underneath the brand new Starcount Mall and also took Jim Hopper prisoner, though then how exactly that happened is also a big mystery.

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It is also unknown how the Russians learned about the Hawkins, the lab, the experiments done, and also the Upside Down, but the main key might be in the second season.

Each of the seasons has introduced some new characters, and Stranger Things season 2 welcomed the Doctor Owens who is the new director of the Operations at Hawkins lab.

Owens was the one in the charge of the lab, he preventing the gate from spreading, and also helping Will, but he also might have known even much more than he made everyone believe.

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The second season of the series also saw the characters Nancy and Jonathan trying to find some answers about the death of Barb and with that finally to the whole situation. At one point, Nancy and Jonathan were captured by the bad people of the Hawkins and Doctor Owens also gave them a brief tour around the dangerous lab.

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