Stranger Things season 3 things Conspiracy


Stranger things season 3 was a big phenomenon with terms of answers from the previous season. With the addition of the new season, this leaves a substantial amount of questions in the minds of the fans.

The third season release on the 4th of July may have answered some of the questions from the fans but leaves even more questions and leaves fans even more confused.


In the third season, it was revealed that the Russians are conducting experiments on the upside-down because the successfully opened the gate which was closed in the season preceding this.

According to a fan their gate might not open at the laboratory but somewhere else, and not Chernobyl.

At the end of season 3 eleven loses her powers and Jim hopper is dead. Many fans have speculations about the Russians knowing about the upside-down and its creatures.

Well, some speculate the Chernobyl miss-hap will be used in the plot as a cover-up to the experiments done about the upside-down. Some also speculate that the Dyatlov pass incident will be used in the season coming up as the gate to the upside-down.

The Dyatlov pass place in the mountains in 1959 an experienced talking group camped at the slopes of Kholat Syakhl. Some who went to explore at night were found dead the next day due to unusual reasons. Many believe that this element might be added in the next season.

Many believe that this incident and the secret gat in the area could be apt for this season’s mythology. This could mean that the upside down could be situated and anyone who would pass these mountains to experience extreme horror.

Which would make perfect sense for the gate of the upside down to be located here. However, the reasons for the gate of the upside down will still be unknown.

In season 1 Nancy comes across a tree which leads to the upside down so it would not be surprising if the same happened on the other side. Fans can only hope that their questions are answered in the next season.