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Stranger Things Season 3 Musical Story by Dustin Connecting Dots With The NeverEnding Story




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Stranger Things Season 3 has given us many talked and memorable moments. One of them was a musical duet between Dustin and Suzie. 

The scene was a rendition of the theme song from The NeverEnding Story. While in season 3 of stranger things, the portrayal of the scene is different.

Way back to Season 3 of Stranger Things

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Specifically, in ‘Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt’ of the Stranger Things season 3 the moment occurred. At that time, on-screen, we can find Hopper and Joyce. 

They are about to complete their mission in the Russian base underground Starcourt Mall. But they need numerical code for Planck’s constant.

This numerical code brings the song in the series. When Dustin asked his long-distance girlfriend, Suzie, to help him in the matter, out of the blues she put her demand.

Before she gave up the code, she wanted her boyfriend to sing NeverEnding Story’s theme song. As she left no other options in front of him, he sings the song and obtained the correct code in the end.

The NeverEnding Story: Origin of the song

The song hales from a very popular fantasy film, The NeverEnding Story. It was premiered in 1984. It touched everyone as the story of the film followed a young boy who found a magical book. 

Among all, it also attracted Duffer Brothers and they chose the theme song for the season that was set in 1985.

But! But! But!

There is something more than this. In the words of Duffers, this song of Giorgio Moroder wasn’t their first choice for the Stranger Things moment.

In an interview, The Duffers shared that several popular songs were considered for the scene. One of them was and the Ent song from Lord of the Rings.

But due to the connections to another streaming service they put a pause on The Lord of the Rings’ and decided to go with the title track of The NeverEnding Story.

Will there be another duet of Dustin and Suzie in Stranger Things Season 4?

This scene from season 3 was highly delightful and relatable, especially for those who had ever completed such cute demands of their girlfriend or boyfriend in such a critical situation plus front of their friends.

Unfortunately for Dustin, the situation resulted in some playful teasing from his friends.

It is highly appreciating that the choice of song is correct which raises the expectations of its fans. Now, It will be very interesting to see if Dustin and Suzie have another duet up their sleeves in Stranger Things season 4.

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