Stranger Things, Here’s all the updates about the 4th season


Kali needs to return to the new season. Here are all the updates about the 4th season :
Stranger Things is a popular American sci-fi horror web television series that first premiered in 2016 and has had a massive fan following ever since. The show has released three seasons so far and needless today they have been very well received by the fans.

Earlier this month we saw pictures of the entire cast, meeting for their first look at the scripts. Moreover, we found out that some segments of the fourth season will be shot in New Mexico. However, often fans ask questions about Kali?

Dedicated fans will remember who that was! However, the newcomers who do not know who Kali ( Linnea Berthelsen) was, She is Eleven’s sister and was shown briefly in the second season. Even though she was given a small role, she made a huge impact on not just Eleven but even on the fans.

In season two we are introduced to a young girl who seems to be interested in Punk and rock music. Moreover, she has a pretty bold hairstyle and makeup and works with a group of robbers, That’s Kali for us! When she meets Eleven she tells her that she too was the subject of the cruel experiment conducted at Hawkins National Lab.

She shows her a mark on a wrist that states ” Eight”. These two had a sweet bonding and were quick to refer to each other as sisters. Kali appeared in three episodes before never being feature again. Fans know that she’s alive and part of a gang, thus we anticipated seeing her in the third season but we don’t! However, fans believe that Kali added an interesting twist to the plot and that she too deserves an ending!


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