Stranger Things characters who can be alive. They are coming back with a massive plot


As I always say, Netflix’s show Stranger things have given us soo many stranger things in life. The plot, places, dangerous monster, and yah an Upside Down world with strangest characters.

Few characters are very close to the fan’s heart. Some of them are alive and some of them are not. Today, here we will talk about some of the characters who are dead in the show but the hope of there returning is still there.

Give it a read, as we have some tittle tattles from the insiders.

1. Dr. Martin Brenner

First and foremost is Dr. Martin Brenner.

Many may additionally be shocked through this one, however, that is extra of a storyline pick.

many people are sad that Dr. Brenner is dead, but it would create an awesome storyline and epic showdown if he and Eleven met again.

He is understood for his position in taking Eleven. Dr. Brenner took eleven far from her mother and sustain her locked in Hawkins Lab. Eleven changed into simply a test for everybody worried at Hawkins Lab. Dr. Brenner was a massive reason why.

There’s been a lot of dialogue if Dr. Brenner continues to be alive or now not. In the second season, it turned into discovered to Eleven that Dr. Brenner is alive.

According to Collider, Shawn Levy, an executive manufacturer at the show, Dr. Brenner remains alive.

If it soo then it might be first-rate for the show. Maybe they could have him operating with the Russians in some way to assist take down Eleven.

But let’s be real, no person stands a threat against Eleven and the crew!

2. Alexei

One that captured the hearts of Stranger Things enthusiasts all around is Alexei. In season 3 of Stranger Things, he played a prime, funny, loveable function. Alexei is with the aid of fa the maximum loveable individual.

At episode one of season 3, he was immediately introduced to us but at that moment we didn’t recognize simply how huge Alexei’s role would be.

At that time, we see the Russians are looking to open the gate to the Upside Down. From there

we knew that the Russian’s would play a big function in season three.

The subsequent time we see Alexei is when he’s kidnapped by way of Hopper and Joyce and taken to Murray so he can translate exactly what Alexei is saying. Once Alexei realizes that he can’t go back to the Russians without being killed, he decides to help Hopper, Joyce, and Murray near the gate.

While at the carnival, Alexei is met by using Grigori, the Russian assassin, who ultimately shoots and kills him.

3. Bob Newby

One of the hardest demises turned into within the entire series for some reason is Bob Newby’s.

He was the superhero of Hawkins.

Our first meeting with Bob was set in season 2 when he walked through the doorways of Joyce’s task as a customer, then ended up within the stock room making out with her. We then found out Joyce had a new love in her lifestyle, and his call became Bob.

Bob was an easy person to get attached to.

Bob additionally had a humorousness approximately him that everyone seemed to love.

When the demo dogs invaded Hawkins Lab with Bob, Joyce, Hopper, Will, and Mike trapped inside, Bob turned into a real hero when he decided to come out of that locked room to assist get everybody to safety.

And he did simply that, but unfortunately, it didn’t end nicely for him.

Just while we concept Bob changed into safe, a demo dog came from the shadows and attacked him. Then, the rest ate him while the rest of the group escaped.

Bob Newby will all the time be a hero in Hawkins, Indiana. We wish if we would come back.

Who do you think to have to still be alive in Stranger Things? Let us realize inside the comments below!