Stranger things can see that the Hopper is still alive from the first season.


As Stranger Things fans continued to look for clues, Jim Hopper was still alive and appeared in Season 4.

A fan returned to the first cycle and discovered that the disappearance of Will Byers was hiding a sign that could be good news.


Triple science fiction explodes with Hopper to finish the last chapter, sacrifice himself to close the door, and ultimately save Hawkins. Or her?

You can still get the index as it is. From Matt and Ross Duffers to Star Wars, a Google search, and the inadvertent confusion between loans and credits, Hopper’s return is as accurate as Jon Snow in the game of thrones.

Now Reddit fans have found another clue from the first season. This is one of the best above.

Nikowaza wrote “After completing S3, I began to revise S1 again and found interesting things about choosing a song that I used to read El Hopper’s letter.

The song approaches Hero Lake and sees the body of the child they are thinking about.

“But, as we know, Will is still alive. If the selection of this song nods to S1 and gives another clue regarding the fact that Hopper’s death is not real, as some have suggested here, is this the other way around? ”

The fourth production season is expected to begin in the new year, and there will be a lot of curiosity that David Harbor hopes to meet on the set.

Even though the mysterious American is captured by Russia, all of his photographs probably consist of one camera.

According to Haber, he never knew if he would dig out the uniform of the old sheriff again.

Friend Lily Allen FaceTimed appeared with Seth Myers late in the evening, but she pointed out questions from the Duffer brothers. “Is the hopper dead?”