Stranger Things 4 should add Robin’s recent crush, Tammy Thompson


In Stranger Things 4, we are expecting the writers to find a way to start Tammy Thompson, Robin’s former crush introduced in the third season.

Stranger Things has offered us various new characters in the last two seasons. Normally, when the program combines a unique character, they hold it. Max, Billy, Bob, Robin, and Erica are only some of those fabulous characters. In Stranger Things 4, we want to engage a new character: Tammy Thompson.


Some Stranger Things supporters might be questioning, “Who is Tammy Thompson?”

We haven’t reached this character yet, but Tammy is moderately involved in one of the common powerful scenes in Stranger Things, In the third season, Robin and Steve have left the Russian base with the maintenance of Dustin and Erica. They hide out of Back to the Future, drink a pack of water, and then become sick in the bathroom.

Soon after, Steve admits he’s starting to fall for Robin, but Robin holds him and tells that she didn’t have a crush on Steve. Alternatively, Robin was spending attention to Steve in Mrs. Click’s name because Tammy Thompson had a crush on Steve.

To cut it down, Robin had a crush on Tammy Thompson, but Tammy Thompson had a crush on Steve, while, several apt, Steve was moved in and/or dating Nancy Wheeler.

This is the whole of the greatest scenes of the series so far. After Robin comes out to Steve, Steve gets a moment and then quickly begins ragging on Robin for having a crush on Tammy Thompson, who desires to be a singer, is a “total dud” and seems like a “Muppet giving birth.”

Stranger Things already did something related to Suzie in the third season. No individual thought that Dustin had a girlfriend, but Suzie ended up doing genuine and a great singer. Dustin and Suzie’s duet was one of my beloved bits of the season.


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