Stranger Things 4 is unlikely to air on Netflix in 2020


Netflix has stopped production of Stranger Things 4, and now the 2020 release date for Stranger Things 4 seems unlikely.

It will always take a long time for Stranger Things 4 to be ready for release in 2020. With the new coronavirus pandemic, the release date for 2020 seems to be getting smaller.


Meanwhile, Stranger Things fans around the world know that production for the fourth season of the original Netflix series will be stopped. Netflix has decided to stop all production in the US and Canada, along with The Witcher, who is filming in the UK.

According to Variety, Shawn Levy, executive producer, and director of Stranger Things said that the production of Stranger Things 4 only takes one month. This means there are still many films that must be made.

The initial report from TV Line, report, Stranger Things 4 will begin production in August 2020. This means that around six months of production remains, provided the schedule remains the same.

Since releasing Stranger Things 3, fans have speculated about the end of 2020 for Stranger Things 4. Many fans want to catch this character around Christmas.

In the last two seasons, Stranger Things was released on Halloween and July 4. It makes sense to postpone the new season around Christmas, especially given the discussion between Mike and Eleven at the end of the third season. The new season, coming at the end of 2020 will always be a quick change between seasons. With a delay of more than a few weeks, the fourth season will be less likely to be ready by the end of the year.

There have been so many moving parts this season. You took a scene from a Russian base in Lithuania earlier this year. Production began in Atlanta but then moved to the Netflix manufacturing center in New Mexico in the spring.

With all the editing, post-production and promotion work entering the post-packaging season, it will be very difficult to get through Christmas.

There are many things we still don’t know about. When will the resumption of production be permitted? Do the seasons and history need to be adjusted? There are so many questions that we currently don’t have answers to, and that makes it very difficult.

Since we saw this teaser on Valentine’s Day revealing Hopper’s fate, I think Stranger Things 4 will be released on or around Valentine’s Day 2021. Assuming production continues shortly, this is roughly the start of the season.

As far as we know, we will keep you updated on the production season and release date.


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