STRANGER DANGER Stranger Things boss discloses cast’s ‘bittersweet’ response to closing down season 4 filming over coronavirus


STRANGER Things boss Shaun Levy has characterized the “bittersweet” impression he had when closing down filming due to Coronavirus.

Like the maximum Netflix exhibits, creation for sequel four of the popular 1980s sci-fi drama-horror sequel has had to be stopped for at least two weeks due to the accepted pandemic.


The cast had different emotions about the season 4 shut down credit: NETFLIX

In the US there have been around 9,500 patients of COVID-19 and 150 deaths, while in the UK there have been more than 2,500 cases national and 108 casualties. 

But whereas some TV execs – awfully 50 Cent – have been scare at remembering to give rise to the ring to discontinue filming, Levy was more level-headed.

Levy, who is the administrative producer and director of Stranger Things, said how when he notified the 100-plus units of his cast and crew about the growth last Friday, the conclusion had already been carried.

Recollecting the period he broke the information, Levy notified Variety: “I was carrying phone calls with Netflix while authorizing takes and obstructing events. 

“We dealt the information with our cast and crew that we would be hesitating creation out of an amount of notification and also no unhappy crew partners, no one was showing symptoms, but it looked like the TRUE thing to do.

Narrating the knowledge of dismantling the enormous set at such quick note as “intense”, Levy disclosed the staff completed their planned shoot on Friday before taking off their separate paths to that whenever they understood they should in phrases of social distancing and settling out.

But with Netflix having decided to entirely pay everyone during the suspension, Levy went on: “I’m hardly happy that Netflix needs to do right by the fitness and wellbeing of the people who bring this show.”

The shutdown appeared precisely a month after a teaser trailer declined, fascinating enthusiasts desperate for more info after a huge cliff-hanger at the end of season 3.

Seasons 1-3 of Stranger Things are accessible to stream on Netflix immediately.