Watchmen Creator Damon Lindelof Says “I Don’t Have Any Idea” For Season 2


Who watches the Watchmen?

Well if one was talking about the HBO show from last year, then it seemed like a good amount of people, including a lot of critics and industry people relished creator Damon Lindelof’s approach to the world of the classic graphic novel.

The show earned numerous awards and nominations like for stunt ensemble nomination from the Screen Actors Guild, a DGA win, a PGA nomination, and two Critics Choice awards.


So clearly, HBO and Lindelof are planning for Season 2, right?

Sadly, it’s not as anticipated.

Lindelof said all along the way his staff was concerned with season one and we’re putting everything for the episodes.

This point was said many times by Lindelof even on the ‘Watchmen’ Series Podcast.

While many viewers hoped he was simply tricking them but now it seems he genuinely claimed he has no ideas for season two.

Seemingly, there is still hope that a second season could happen, though that hope seems very small.

Especially if Damon Lindelof has publicly admitted to having no ideas and not wanting to move forward until he does.

It is commendable to see a creator not wanting to just milk his series for all its worth and wanting to preserve the quality of the first season.

But as a viewer, it is still a little disheartening to know we may never see more in that world.

In respect to HBO recently reclassified the show from a “Drama Series” to a “Limited Series”.

So, whether that conclusion came from his announcement about not having ideas for Season 2, Lindelof told Collider:

For now, if you would like to see more of Lindelof’s work, he has a new movie in theaters this week titled ‘The Hunt’.

As for the future of ‘Watchmen,’ clearly, anything can happen, we need to wait and watch if Damon Lindelof comes up with some new ideas.