Stimulus Update: Will the Omicron Variant Necessitate a Fourth Stimulus Check?

State of Pay Seven States Still Offering Stimulus Check Payments as Monthly $300 Child Tax Credit Payments End

Consumers who are still suffering from the pandemic’s financial burden have urged lawmakers to enact a fourth stimulus check.

That might change if a new coronavirus called omicron causes further lockdowns.


Here’s what Americans should know about another direct payment.

Omicron may be a higher danger, requiring a fourth stimulation check.

Omicron is the newest COVID-19 variation discovered. In part, because it may be more transmissible than earlier COVID strains, the WHO has categorized the new coronavirus strain discovered in South Africa as a variation of concern.

Because the omicron variety is so young, much is unknown.

However, early research suggests it may be more infectious than previous viruses. In fact, it may be more infectious and spread quicker than the delta version, which was itself more contagious than the original virus.

This means that the vaccinations created so far may still be effective against it. And it may induce minor sickness.

Despite the uncertainties, international leaders have already taken action, imposing additional limits to prevent the spread of omicron. The president has prohibited travel from South Africa because of fears about the variation.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a US infectious disease specialist, said Americans must be ready to do “everything and everything” to stop the spread of the new variety. While it was “too early to tell” whether lockdowns would be required, Fauci said Americans should “prepare for the worst.”

If the government imposes further limitations, firms will be forced to close, slowing the US economic recovery. More lockdowns would undoubtedly result in significant job losses.

A month after the coronavirus pandemic was initially reported in March 2020, the US lost 701,000 jobs, the most since the 2009 recession.

More lockdowns might have similar effects, particularly if a vaccination isn’t successful in slowing the spread and bringing people back to work.

When the first lockdowns happened, lawmakers acted bipartisanly, enacting two stimulus packages under President Donald Trump that placed money into most Americans’ accounts.

While only Democrats voted for the third stimulus measure early in Biden’s term, Republicans are likely to join Democrats to give a fourth if the economy falters again.

Obviously, this is the worst-case scenario, and we can only hope that this new virus strain is mild and preventable by existing vaccinations. If not, omicron may be the only way Americans receive the fourth stimulus in 2022.

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