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Stimulus Checks: Bonus Payments Could Arrive Close to Christmas

Stimulus Checks: Possible Bonus Payments Could Be Coming Near Christmas

According to a recent Stimulus Checks update, incentive payments for residents of the Prairie State might arrive around Christmas.

Republicans in the Illinois House of Representatives, according to the Sun, proposed the stimulus checks.


Single taxpayers earning less than $75,000 per year will get a $200 payment if the measure passes.

In the meanwhile, joint filers earning less than $150,000 will get $400.

The stimulus check assistance will “match” some of the financial help provided by the US government during the last year and a half, according to GOP state Representative Tom Demmer.

“$400 won’t solve all of your issues,” he claimed. However, it has the potential to be beneficial.”

The $400 stimulus payment, according to the Illinois lawmaker, might cover an additional week or two of food as well as a few more utility bills. “Or it might mean the difference between being able to purchase your kids’ new shoes or winter clothes.”

The Illinois stimulus check measure, on the other hand, has yet to pass. This is still a possible scenario before the law is passed.

Are Stimulus Checks in the Other States Being Considered?

According to the Sun, California citizens will get another wave of stimulus payments on November 29th.

Each of the checks is worth $1100. By the end of 2021, nine million Californians are projected to benefit from the additional funding.

California’s stimulus cheques will be the first to feature the 5.9% increase. This is the most significant rise in 40 years.

To be eligible for the current batch of stimulus cheques, Californians must have an adjusted gross income (CAAGI) of between $1 and $75,000.

To be eligible for the incoming payments, qualifying Californians must submit their 2020 tax forms by October 15th.

Residents’ zip codes, according to media reports, will decide how they would be compensated.

Residents of zip codes 585-619 will get a cheque from November 29th to December 13th.

In addition, retired employees will be paid next month.

As a consequence, monthly Social Security payouts are expected to rise to about $1,600.

According to Mary Johnson of the Senior Citizens League, nearly one in every five older seniors visits food pantries or uses food assistance programs.

“The fact that so many survey participants were compelled to use food banks is really concerning. This exemplifies the precarious scenario in which families rely on Social Security for the majority of their income. [Especially] when food costs are at an all-time high.”

According to the group’s study, cost-of-living adjustments have resulted in a 55 percent rise in Social Security payouts.

The cost of housing has likewise risen by 118 percent since 2000.

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