Stimulus Check Update: What Happens When They End?


The last year was made somewhat livable through the ample delivery of stimulus check payments, with a pandemic ravaging our economy. Around 66% of Americans lived paycheck-to-paycheck during this crisis and people were disproportionately impacted by hardships such as increased childcare costs or higher rates for unemployment insurance among others–gender roles often come into play too in these cases because females typically shoulder more than their male counterparts when it comes to housework like cooking meals every night after work while husband goes off Beaten Path hunting dinner!

As you may know, the year 2017 was pretty revolutionary. This led to increased awareness of challenges that lower income families face and caused some major policy changes like an expansion on child tax credit under President Joe Biden’s administration last summer.

The Important of The Stimulus Check Payments

The US Census Bureau has reported that over $1,200 worth of stimulus check payments were distributed during this pandemic which led to the lowest poverty rate in country on record- 9%. This is an interesting statistic as it means we uplift 8.5 million people from utter hopelessness through just one program and without providing them any financial support at all!

The government gives some money for people who have children. The payments will be $3,000-$3,600 per child this year. Many experts believe that this will help decrease child poverty by around 40%. It would also lift 4 million children out of dire poverty.

Supporters of these economic successes hope that they will be enough to provide a good amount of momentum. They want to continue with policies and implement new programs, like a guaranteed income. But the poverty rate has been going up. So, some people want another stimulus check.

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