Stimulus Check Update: People may receive a $ 500 payout over the next three years.


The ongoing story of 2021 as a year of performance recognition is already in the works. But that will be a little different from the story that the federal government has been coordinating people for over a year. Physical location determines the magnitude and frequency of subsequent human exposure. That is, if they got it.

State and local governments have their place in federal efforts to test incentives that may be gone. The State of California sends a $ 600 Golden State Stimulus II check to the family.

There are also cities in the United States that are considering one of the most radical attempts we have ever seen in this direction. This is a reward verification program that pays select families $ 500 a month for the next three years.

This city is Ann Arbor, Michigan. In fact, he is considering several options for spending more than $ 24 million in federal stimulus funds from the $ 1.9 trillion U.S. aid package passed earlier this year. Are options being considered? An all-purpose basic income program for 100 families in Ann Arbor based on financial needs.

The program will provide these families with $ 500 a month for three years. The City will also work with researchers to study the impact of the program on beneficiaries and the city.

it would be interesting to watch for a number of reasons. One is how he penetrates the realm of deeply rooted political beliefs. This includes the idea that givers of money can inspire people to work. However, this program may not work in Ann Arbor. According to local news reports, the city wants to use funds for COVID in another way – by spending $ 1 million on social services. Other options include $ 3.5 million for an affordable home and $ 2 million for the police. This money could also be spent on solar energy in urban facilities and on new cycle paths in the city center. The City will provide opportunities for the community to contribute. And the final decision is made by the local city council.