Stimulus Check 4 is coming to California residents this week


Eligible Californians will receive a $1,100 incentive check this week. Payments are sent as part of the latest payment round from GS Stimulus. Meanwhile, every American can have a $2,000 incentive check sent per month as a certain offer becomes famous across the country.

Proposals for monthly incentive checks are submitted via a petition on He asked Congress to pass a bill that issues monthly incentive checks while the current pandemic continues. 


Stephanie Bonin’s petition garnered nearly 3 million signatures. However, neither President Biden nor Congress appears to be in favour of the proposal.

California is getting another pay raise this week. It’s in the state’s GS stimulus plan. According to the California Franchise Tax Council (CFTB), award checks are issued on October 29 and deposited in person.

 On the other hand, mailing checks begin on November 1st. Eligible residents without children or dependents will receive a check for $600. 

Eligible residents who have children or similar dependents will receive $1,100. Although 3 rounds of stimulus tests have been carried out, analysts say the relief is not deep enough. 

Analysts for the Capital One Insights Center study say low-income Americans will use their incentives to pay bills. In addition, nearly 33% of Americans reported experiencing a loss in net income in the past year.