Starring Scarlett Johansson Black Widow Trailer Reveals First look At MCU Movie


Black Widow is an iconic character who’s movie has highly anticipated. This movie is produced by Marvel Studios and is distributed by Walt Disney’s motion pictures. This movie is supposed to be the 24th installation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. Starring Scarlett Johansson as the lead alongside David harbour this movie keeps on building the anticipation of the audience. The plot of the film is about Natasha confronting her past, which follows the events of the Civil War. This movie is supposed to be released in theatres on May 1st 2020.

Black Widow

When the trailer was released, there was a question which arises in the minds of the audience about the events of the Black Widow in the Marvel cinematic universe timeline. The two-minute trailer is a good depiction of what to expect from the movie and gives the audience the first look at the primary characters, most of which the viewer has not seen on screen. Some could assume that this movie can cover various aspects of this iconic character’s life.


According to sources, the Black Widow takes place between the Civil War and the Infinity War. This leaves room for the exploration of this character apart from her controversial end in avengers endgame. After watching the trailer, many speculate that the narrative of this character will not take place only in confined timing as the timing can go back ok as to before she even was introduced as a character in the MCU.

The trailer included a series of scenes from previous including for first day with Nick Fury in the Avengers as well as parts from the age of Ultron where the audience see her Ballet training and her time in the red room Academy.

These scenes are supposed to be important as it is a rap on her the overall Arc in the franchise and perhaps change the perception of her death in the Endgame. It is quite unusual of Marvel Studios to be tackling black widows journey after her death as fans know her and through the Endgame. One can only hope that this is the send of the Black Widow gets as the fans, and the audience knows about her fate.