Stargirl Episode 11 preview reveals shocking truth about Courtney’s real father


The show Stargirl took a dark turn and delivered an explosive episode 10 in which the drama spiraled out of control in Courtney Whitmore’s Brec Bassinger who is a household as her mother Barbara learned that her daughter is not a normal teenager but a staff-brandishing superhero.

She throws Pat out of the house and is all set to leave Blue Valley. She is leaving only because to realize that there might be some truth in all the unfolding madness. However, this is not the only family going through turbulent times. Brainware has awakened from his coma, and his son Henry King has some hope that his father was going to redeem himself, except that he wasn’t.

Stargirl Updates


There were some revelations that Brainware murdered his wife Merry Pemberton, who is Starman’s sister, and seemingly kills his own son at the end of the episode. Yet, the fans truly believe that Henry is not dead and he will make a comeback in the second season.

Well, in the promo for the next episode, more announcements are made, and there might be a chance that Starman is not Courtney’s father, something Pat had tried mentioning to her a while ago, but Courtney did not pay much heed.

Well, her real father has seemingly turned up, and Courtney is in a pickle. She keeps muttering that this is not her father. Well, if that is the case, who is her father? Things are getting heated up for an exciting finale, as the newly formed Justice Society of America has to tackle the Injustice Society of America, and it is not going to be pretty.


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