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Star Wars Movies: Don’t Miss The Complete Detail About This Legendary Movie Series

If I say that the whole Star Wars Saga is a cinematic masterpiece and an absolute classic then it would all be an understatement. It’s the ultimate blockbuster that changed the cinematic landscape forever and started a pop culture phenomenon among every fan.

Star Wars is a space opera that inspires viewers of all generations with its adventurous story, charming characters, and the risks our protagonists are up against.


Written and directed by George Lucas, the films are divided into 3 trilogies. Along with fine books, countless games, and other media. It has stunning visual effects, a motivating story, and an academy award-winning score from John Williams.

This distinctive film pertains to each fan in ways other movies can not. There’s nothing you can do other than thanking George Lucas for such a masterpiece of a film. 

There’s even a National Star Wars day (May 4th) because of how huge this all is. Some people even consider the Jedi to be a religion. Characters like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Obi-wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader have become such prominent figures. In all our lives, not being a fan just doesn’t do justice to our relevance with pop culture.

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Star Wars Movies: How and where to watch the saga in chronological order?

The current generation still wants to enjoy the whole saga. But sometimes get confused on how to start because there are so many Star Wars Movies need not worry about. If you want to watch it all in a systematic order, the rose of Anakin, Rey, and Like as they unraveled in their timeline.

The major plus point is that the whole saga is now available on a Disney+ subscription. It also includes the standalone films and Disney collection star wars tv shows like The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch.

They often question that comes to viewers mind is – Do they start with the original trilogy or the prequel movies? What about the standalone films? 

So basically Star war movies are divided into 3 trilogies with some spin-offs and side stories.

First comes the prequel trilogy including –

Then moving on to to the original movies that came out first in theatres including-

The finishing it up with the sequel trilogy that came out much recently –

After covering all this there are still 2 standalone films which you can add somewhere between episodes 3 and 4, it should work just fine including-

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Every upcoming star wars movie and tv show:

Disney purchased Lucasfilms in 2012 and since then a lot of Star Wars content has been released by Disney.

The sequel trilogy between 2015-2019 summed up the main storyline of the Skywalker saga. And within that timeline “Rogue one” and “Solo” explored their specific stories.

“The Mandalorians” refueled fans with a sense of adventure on the small screen while animated series “Resistance” and “Rebels” explored timelines other than the movies.

All this was just a start. Now Disney and Lucasfilm are planning at least 16 films and Tv shows beyond 2021.

Here’s what we all be waiting for for-

      The Book of Boba Fett (Dec 2021)

This Tv series will follow the events of Boba taking over and operating Jabba’s criminal empire. And this series will likely pick up where “The Mandalorian” left which means characters from the earlier series could make appearances.


Finally, Lucasfilm is going to enter the world of anime with a brand new series called “Stars wars: Vision” which is expected to show us a unique perspective of a galaxy far far away. 


This is going to be the 12 episodes “Rogue One” prequel series where Diego Luna will replay his role as the rebel spy Cassian Andor.

      Obi-Wan Kenobi(2022)

After a long wait, Ewan McGregor will finally return as Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi sometime in 2022. This six-episode series will feature the life of Obi-Wan in exile on Tatooine. 

      The Mandalorian season 3 (Undated)

Will Mando duel Bo-Katan or will he join the mission to regain Mandalorian? What’s in the store for Moff Gideon? And will we be able to see Grogu and Luke Skywalker again? These are some of the questions that sure will be answered in the 3rd season of Mandalorian.

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Why should you watch Star Wars?

It’s a movie for all ages and genres. Kids would love fantasy and adventure, teens would go for coming of age themes, young adults would like warfare and sci-fi and every older person would indulge in great storytelling.

Star Wars includes some legendary and ever remembered iconic dialogues. Remember when you were watching “Big bang theory” or “How I met your mother” you didn’t get the basic star wars reference. Well, you will this time.

The movies follow the concept of ‘The force’ which is based on religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. It also features the concepts of Afterlife, the chosen one, Virgin birth. There was a survey that said Jedi is the 4th largest religion in the UK.

Plus you can’t ignore the huge market success of the films. The whole series is the 5th highest-grossing movie series of all time.

Lastly, you should also consider the books, cartoons, tv shows, and games generated from these movies.

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