Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Game Series Order Pays Tribute to the Original Battlefront’s Best Droids


Action-adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment, Jedi: Fallen Order, came out for Xbox One, PlayStation, and Windows. It came out on 15th November 2019. It is an addition to the Star Wars franchise.

Players play as Cal Kestis, who is a Jedi padawan learner. He is running away as he is being hunted by the Inquisitor, known as the Second Sister. Through this, he is also trying to complete his training and restore the Jedi Order.

Cal Kestis visits new and old worlds in Star War lore. He makes friends and allies along the way. Cal met Saw Carrera and former Jedi Knight Cere Junda, who becomes his mentor later.

Published by Electronic Arts, Jedi: Fallen Order, was announced in E3 2018. The game was critically acclaimed for its story, gameplay, characters, music, and combat. But it was also criticized for technical glitches.

Jedi: Fallen Order is a new addition to the franchise, but what should not be forgotten is the two droids that came in original Star Wars Battlefront in 2004. It came out on Xbox and PlayStation 2. These droids are Medical and Gonk droids.

The Medical Droid is a tall, dark droid who was responsible heal the players at a steady rate. Gonk would dispense ammo as and when needed.

These droids are also there in Jedi: Fallen Order. They follow Cal around in his adventure. But the droid s does not do what they used to.

They are relics of the past. Medical is not in the latest two Battlefronts, and the Gonk patrols the level and does not hand out ammo.

Medical and Gonk droids have saved a lot of players on the battleground. Playing the original Battlefront brings back some memories. It is still a primary yet fun multiplayer shooter.

Medical and Gonk droids will never be forgotten. Even though they do not do what they used to, but they will still hold a place in the heart of the players of the original Battlefront.


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