This is also one of the most loved shows that the production team has seen. This has won so many hearts through their screening their story their acting and many more of the people and the fans of this series.

Star Trek Discovery is all about the crew of USS Discovery who travel in the future. This series is a sci-fi series that discovers many surprising things in the future.


Season two of this series ended in August last year and that is 2019. The writers of this season started writing for the very new season three back in February 2019. The shooting for this series is also on the verge of completion and the fans cannot wait for more long.

So have some expectation that season three to release this year itself. However, there has been no announcement yet by the production team because the shooting and everything related to the show are still in process.

And it has also come to our news that it is going to release on CBS All Access and also on Netflix for the viewers.

The cast for the very new season will be the same cause the story for each has not been finished yet so we are hoping that the cast will also be the same for this new season as well. there was no official announcement for the casting by the production team or the director of the show so we are hoping that they will remain the same as before.

The trailer for this season is very much out and it is there in all kinds of platforms. Viewers can watch it anywhere they want to and the trailer they made is very good with some very good clips and there is also very good music that has been put in the trailer.

Let’s hope the best for the whole production team and the director as well.