Square Enix’s Life is Strange will raise awareness about homelessness with charity collaboration important topic to read this Game


Life is Strange premiered in September 2018. It’d five episodes.

The last and last episode, Life is Unusual two will be released on 3rd December 2019.


The game has been released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

It’s an episodic adventure game.

Life is Strange shows the participant.

The teenagers’ life is shown in the sport.

Publishers decided to support the campaign of Centrepoint is Strange 2, since winter is an essential time for the homeless.

There will a flow partners in content founders on a date that is still not announced.

Head of Centrepoint, Paul Brocklehurst, stated that he was thankful that they were approached by Square Enix Life is Strange 2.

Centrepoint is impressed with the true depiction of what goes into a homeless person’s life span.

Sean and Daniel, the characters, of the game, find places to spend the night, but it does not necessarily mean they have a home.

The brothers found themselves homeless at the beginning of the match.

Daniel was being, bullied by A neighbor, Brett. Sean intervened, and Brett got injured.

The circumstance was arrived at by police.

In all of the confusion and mess, a bullet was fired by a policeman, and it struck Sean’s dad.

After that, an explosion takes place, killing their father.

The boys escape the scene and are displaced. During, the travel face a lot of obstacles.

The boys were desired, and nearly, everybody knew about them. Due to the news, Sean gets kidnapped but escapes with the support of his brother.

He was killed by a cougar, although brothers also get a puppy named Mushroom. Paul Brocklehurst wants visitors to know what the young generation has to go through to find somewhere to reside.

Many young people are found to be homeless.

The game will inform the players that there are individuals out there who reside like Daniel and Sean.