Spider-Man Tom Holland To Appear In Venom 2 Here’s How

Venom 2 trailer

After the confirmation of Morbius and Venom to hit the theatres soon with their solo movies, fans are expecting there is a definite cross-over of spiderman and venom.

Chances for Spiderman to play a cameo :

In the mid-credits scene, J. Jonah Jameson broadcasted the footage where Mysterio framed spiderman and exposed his secret identity. 


So in Venom 2, there might be a headline telecasting the Tom Holland as the criminals as he is now villain for the public.

Chances of Venom and Spiderman face-off :

As Eddie Brock continuing his investigation work with the symbiote in his body, he could investigate about spiderman as he is now the public villain. 

This could lead him to cause an attack on Tom Holland.

Coming from Tom Holland’s perspective now with his identity revealed and himself stuck in a plot made himself a villain.

So not just him but his well-wishers are unsafe there. So he might move to the other end of the country where he might meet Venom.

They could even team-up :

It would not take much time for Eddie Brock to get to know that Tom Holland is a good guy even after few fights. Then they could take over the Cletus Kasady. 

As the revealed pictures from the sets show him geared up so this is even a definite possibility for the fans to witness. But the Marvel and Sony could save this for some time in the future because showing the best clash so early would not at all benefit the future of these series.

This delay could benefit both character’s growth in their movies. So the most possible as of now is spiderman playing a cameo showcasing himself as hatred to the public due to the clever plot done by Mysterio. 

The release date of Morbius is on July 31 of 2020, while the spiderman homecoming 3 will be released on July 16 of 2021 followed up by Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse 2 in April 8 of 2022.