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Spider-Man: Tom Holland Accepted Of Stealing Props From The MCU Sets


Tom Holland who is famous for his Spiderman role in the MCU. He is not just a spiderman but also a spoiler man as he has spilt out many spoilers in the past. So MCU will always be extra cautious about him for his past actions. Not just spilling out facts but now MCU must be cautious of one or more from Tom Holland as he has revealed a secret about him in BBC interview.

His iconic entry in MCU :

Tom Holland’s very first version as Spiderman was introduced to the audience in Captain America: Civil War. This is when he met his mentor Tony Stark for the first time. Then he later got introduced to other avengers in the infamous battle at the airport. But his first fight with a supervillain was in his second solo film Spider-Man: Homecoming. This is how his iconic character got introduced to the fans.

Why he is so good at that :

Undoubtedly MCU and Sony will continue to have the services of Tom Holland as their spiderman because spiderman is the only role which brings in some comic things for the fans apart from other serious Marvel moments. Moreover being just a high school it must be suitable for a character to even look like a superhero and even a high school student. This was excellently blended by Tom Holland. Moreover, his affection with Tony Stark was the centre of attraction as they portrayed just like a father and son. Now with the death of his mentor, Tom Holland can be seen facing the reality and the serious version of spiderman can be seen in the upcoming films of his.

The secret of Tom Holland :

While Tom Holland was having a tough time facing the questions in a BBC’s segment when kids asked him, to one question he said that he had stolen many props from MCU. He stole the web slingers, Tony Stark glasses and many more. He tried to steal the original spiderman suit but failed to do so. So MCU must be careful from now onwards to check if Tom Holland is running with a prop than a script to reveal.

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