Spider-Man Scorpion Teased The Return in MCU Movie


Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Michael Mando tantalizes the return of Mack Gargan’s Marvel Cinematic Universe with a mysterious tweet.

Browsers of Marvel Comics know that Gargan eventually becomes a Scorpion Observer. However, shortly before the MCU audience returned home, he was absent from Spider-Man: Far From Home.


Michael Keaton’s Vulture was also missing from the following film, leaving plenty of time for the debut of another Spider-Man classic villain, Mysterio.

Over the years, fans have been speculating and hoping for the start of Satta Six, a team of the biggest Spider-Man thieves who come together for the sole purpose of destroying the web-slinger.

As Sony continues to build its expanding Spider-Man universe with Venom 2 and Morbius, it is more and more likely that big-screen sister Sister’s dreams may soon come true. The MCU’s relationship to marketing Sony’s two films is evident.

Additionally, with Keaton configured to appear in Morbius, his potential vulture would act as a criminal version of the MCU’s Nick Fury, slowly assembling a team to eliminate Spider-Man.

Classic versions of Sinister Six include Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Vulture, Sandman, Craven the Hunter, and Scorpion.

Now, a photo Mando posted on his Twitter, which features only a scorpion emoji as a message caption, teases Scorpion’s return to the MCU or, perhaps, Sony’s Spider-Word.

The photo depicts Mando in a desert landscape of dunes in a black leather jacket, revealing nothing about the link with the MCU in his character, other than the curious duo Scorpion Emoji.

Apart from the obvious details that Mondo is having a bit of fun with his MCU fans, it may be a reference to see Scorpio soon. Gagan could easily make a cameo appearance for Morgan or Venom 2, so maybe Mondo is teased with this post.

Rumors have long been that Morbius Sister set up another Sony effort for the Sister film. Another possibility is that he listened to Marvel Studios for a character role in Spider-Man away from home.

This is not the first time Sony has attempted to make Sinister Six. In the days of Andrew Garfield Spider-Man, Sony planted a ton of Sister Easter Easter eggs to the incredible Spider-Man everywhere.

He also hired Drew Goddard to direct a feature film Sinister Six. In a previous attempt, Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Rhino, Electro, Green Goblin, and Lizard can all be seen, as all of these characters were presented in one or another of the Garfield Spidey films.

Marvel and Sony have a tenant involvement in the Spider-Man franchise, which can be seen as part of Marvel Studios’ head Kevin Feige in the making of Sony’s film Sinister Six.

Spider-Man’s solo releases are mostly creatively controlled by Marvel. For example, in the past, Marvel had little involvement with Sony films, such as Venom.

However, Keaton’s presence in the film Sony Morbius indicates a new level of collaboration between the two studios.

If Mondo’s Scorpion station is an indication of her future role in the MCU / Sony Spider-Man franchise, it’s a safe bet that she may soon be leaving Spider-Man: Homecoming Sinister Six.