Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 Game is Not a Sequel

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spiderman’s new game Spider-Man: Miles Morales in PS5 would not be a continuation of the spiderman 4 game of PS4 says Sony. Back in the days when superhero movies were not so common, the contract of Spiderman movie flipped over to many companies, however, sony was qualified for the production of the spiderman movie, starring Tobey Maguire. Since then spiderman has been ruling the movies and the games, and sony is the mind and effort behind it.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales released on PS5

Spider-Man Miles Morales


A new game of spiderman would be released in PS5 and this game will have new features according to the controls provided by the new PlayStation console. The best part is that this movie will feature Miles Morales. Miles Morales is the character of spiderman’s animated movie Into the spider-verse. The game would be a bit different from the movie as Miles would not be rocking Jordans in the game.

This game will be a DLC, this is not a full game. Fans criticised for this before but after the realization of the trailer, they could wait to play it.

Spoiler Ahead!

The trailer for the new game was released on Thursday. Spider-Man’s suit burning off to reveal Miles behind the mask, as Peter says: “A hero is just someone who doesn’t give up. Your dad said that. He was right. Now it’s your turn. Go be a hero, Miles.”

Miles says: “Okay, let’s do this,” before the trailer cuts to clips of him swinging around the city, fighting bad guys, and saving civilians.

Dare to miss this game. Stay tuned.