Spider-Man: Far From Home set up Nick Fury’s show Know every detail here


Spider-Man: Far from home’s post-credits scene is going to set up a Nick Fury’s TV series for Disney+. Being the super spy of the Samuel L. Johnson’s designed Avengers Initiative, Nick Fury has been able to grab the title of the most mysterious character.

After his ‘SHIELD’ was brought down in Captain America: The Winter Soldier after protecting the world for years, he continued working as an independent operative. Speaking of Fury, Tony Stark said “Even his secrets have secrets.”

Soothing to the ears of the fans as it may sound, Nick Fury i.e. Samuel L. Jackson will be getting his own show on Disney+.

The groundwork for the series was laid in Spider-Man: Far from home though the rumors of this show being tied up to projects like Secret Warriors or Sword have been plenty and it will be a treat to the eyes to see how things turn out to be.

The Big Nick Fury question after Spider-Man: Far from home


In the end credits of Spider-Man: Far from home, we saw how Spider-Man had been deceived by Fury all along. While Fury was in the depths of space, he had sent shape-shifting Skrulls to impersonate him.

An assumption made by the viewers is that after SHIELD, fury had moved on to SWORD. In the comic world, the ‘ Sentiment World

Observation and Response Department ‘ are in charge of protecting the world from extra-terrestrial powers cause after numerous alien encounters, humanity no longer believes that they are alone in the universe. SWORD is stationed on an orbital space station called the Peak.

It is confirmed that SWORD will actually make their debut in the series Wanda Vision whose trailer was released recently, where they are called to the town of Westview which appeared to be consumed by Scarlet Witch’s fake reality. Kat Denning’s Darcy and Teyonah Parris’s Monica Rambeau seem to be working for SWORD.

MCU has produced a number of great movies and seems to be planning more. But none of them have explored Marvel’s cosmic era. But the post-credit scenes of Spider-Man: Far From home seem to suggest that the MCU has big plans so, the fans just have to sit tight and wait.


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