Spider-Man And Daredevil Unite in Fan-Made Poster


In a fan-made poster, Peter Parker( Spiderman) and Matt Murdock is also known as the Daredevil are seen together in the poster of MCU’s Spider-Man homecoming 3. Marvel brought back the devil into the Marvel Cinematic Universe later after running exercise in 2013. This character made come back in the Netflix mini was the defenders.

The devil’s hero Spider-Man debuted a year later. This movie is special as Tom Holland as SpiderMan made his debut in the movie Captain America Civil War. Since then he has four movies including his solo films and the infamous Avengers: Infinity War and endgame.

Spider-Man homecoming 3

According to the script, Spider-Man and Daredevil are supposed to coexist but have not joined hands in any movies. This could be because Marvel films and Television series work independently and do not let their plots cross over apart from name-dropping different characters. Since the end of Marvel’s deal with Netflix, fans expect these iconic characters will join hands at one point. An Instagram user had uploaded a fake poster of the year movies Spider-Man homecoming 3 on their Instagram feed. The poster shows that Spider-Man and Daredevil fighting of crimes together.

According to Kevin Feige, marvel movies television series and comic book divisions are alike. and the new phase of MCU films and TV series is expected to be better and improve than the first three phases. There has been discussion about Charlie Cox’s daredevil to cross paths with Holland’s Spiderman in the new movie homecoming 3 but it is also said that it is not going to happen as marvel cannot use the character because of its deal with Netflix until 2020 and the filming of homecoming3 is to begin in 2020 and the release date of the movie in 2021.

This demonstrates that marvel it’s mistake behind and more father with Disney collaboration. Though the huge blunder of Marvel X Netflix which resulted in good television series there is no point in expecting the daredevil and Spider-Man to cross paths in the next movie as Netflix still claims the character. Fans can only hope that this happens in the next movie after the Homecoming 3. Fans can only hope that they do include this character in the future.