Spider-Man 3 Will be the first Marvel Movie to introduce a Gay Character into the MCU?


Tom Holland’s projects of spiderman were grand hit. He is surely in talks about the third installment.

Disney trying to explore a bit more :

With recent big bits of Black Panther and Captain America, Disney is trying to explore any viable market in the movie industry. 

With Marvel heading into phase 4 of MCU, there are a lot of talks about introducing a gay character. With many movies in the queue to release all are looking at Spiderman 3 for the character. 

Whereas Captain Marvel could also showcase us a gay superhero and Thor: Love and Thunder are expected to explore bisexuality on a big scale.

Before all were surprised to see less LGBTQ representation in Marvel films. But now trashing all that, it is all set to do such new and interesting things in phase 4 of MCU.

About the gay character in Spiderman 3 :


Recently the studio has come into a contract with Sony about holding the character in MCU. 

So it is going to happen. Marvel has the character of Flash Thompson in mind to introduce the role of the first openly gay character in MCU.

Surprise cameo in store :

Besides the gay role, there is another surprise for the spiderman fans. Kraven the hunter might definitely crossover this movie as they planned this well before itself.

Sony had announced about a stand stand-alone for his character in 2018, but it is still in guards to release. 

So there is a definite crossover between spiderman and Kraven. As of Marvel has not revealed anything about the introduction of Kraven into MCU, so all must wait till they hit on the screens.

Fan theories about the villain :

There huge chances for Norman Osborn to appear in Spiderman 3 as the main villain. 

An interesting fan theory has surfaced online stating that Norman bought the Stark Tower and turned it into Oscorp. 

Some fans even state that Norman was the person who outed Peter at the end of Spiderman: Far from Home. It would be an interesting twist if it is true. 

It might be the last stand-alone film as spiderman for Tom Holland. The Spiderman 3 is all set to lit up the theatres on July 16 of 2021.


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