Sony’s Venom 2 trailer will be arriving sooner than it was expected before

Sony’s Venom 2 trailer will be arriving sooner than it was expected before-2

Sony’s Venom 2 trailer will be out very soon, we know the exact date, as it’s arriving sooner than it was expected before. A new report which came to me suggests that the trailer for Andy Serkis Venom 2 has taken a very big step forward and it could be arriving online sooner than the fans though to be.

The Part 2 of Venom still hoping to meet on their October 2 release date in the midst of the corona-virus delays, now it looks like the film’s marketing campaign is starting very early, with a very new report suggesting that the trailer could come really soon.


Venom 2 trailer

On social media like Twitter, VFX artist Amit Chaudhary claims that the second part of Venom has been sent to ‘various Sony International markets under the ‘Localisation Process’. This is the process where the trailer is mixed and it is then dubbed for different countries ahead of their mainstream release.

When it is pressed on their fans can realistically expect to see the trailer, Chaudhari said that it would be within the next 10-15 days, barring by unforeseen circumstances.

Venom 2 trailer

There is very little which is known about the main plot of the second part of Venom. But, however, we do know it will be featuring not only the debut of Naomie Harris as the villainous Shriek but also the return of Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kasady. The fans of the franchise are really hoping that when will the trailer for the second part of the movie come out.

It has also been reported that Tom Holland was in the talks to appear in the upcoming movie as Peter Parker also known as Spider-Man in the sequel. But, this news has not been made confirmed yet, another report claiming Kasady also appearing in Morbius could also indicate the Sony’s setting the stage for the Venom 2.

Let’s hope the best as of now.


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