Sony productions is Planning to introduce bisexual Spider-Man in Next Movie


Sony Pictures is making some plans for Spiderman to come once again swinging back onto the screen soon and a rumor has emerged that they want him to be bisexual.

According to some sources, the giant of entertainment is looking to develop their return to the superhero franchise as a live-action movie in the vein of 2018’s Into The Spider-Verse, the Oscar-winning animated film featuring multiple versions of the superhero who are brought together from their respective dimensions to join forces against an enemy seeking to destroy them all.

The Spider-Verse film was widely praised for its emphasis on diversity, bringing the Spiderman of Color of the screen in the form of Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales.

Now, the studio wants to continue the trend by making the beloved superhero a bisexual and give him a boyfriend.

According to some sources whom they cite as having a reliable track record for information, having previously provided several rumors that later proved to be true, such as the new upcoming she Hulk series which is set to debut on Disney Plus and the identity of the villain in this long-awaited summer Black Widow movie.

Sony productions are looking to use a multiverse premise to bring together all three characters that have played Spiderman in the big franchise including Tom Holland and his predecessors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Both Garfield and Tom thinks that it is a good idea that the next Spiderman is a bisexual. Garfield had once brought the idea of a bisexual Spidey. Tom Holland thinks it is a progressive way of a new kind of character.

Well, this it guys. Let us wish the best for the whole team and we will be seeing the Spiderman in a whole new character.


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