Some of the Marvel characters we want to see featured from Deadpool franchise

Deadpool 3 in MCU

Now, to say that our anticipation for the upcoming Deadpool 3 is through the roof and it would be an understatement. The very first two films centering on the foul-mouthed mercenary so fantastic that we would be so excited for the next sequel under the normal circumstances, but the facts that he will next be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel characters we want to see featured from Deadpool franchise

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We still do not know when the third part of Deadpool is going to come, and the MCU have already established their slate through the mid-2022, but that is not stopping us from creating a wish list of some of the MCU characters we all want to see featured in the upcoming movie.


Taskmaster in Marvel

One of the very most exciting aspects of the upcoming Black Widow movie is the main fact that the film will be introducing the audiences to Taskmaster who is a-fan-favourite villain who also possesses reflexes, also giving him the ability to mimic any kind of movement or even the fighting the style he witnesses.



If the last year’s contact dispute between the MCU and the Sony Pictures taught us anything, it is that Spider-Man’s existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hangs by a small thread far weaker than one of the wall crawler’s web.

There is nothing permanent about the arrangement, and every time Peter Parker shows up in the franchise it also could be one of his last appearance.


Wolverine In Deadpool

One of the greatest challenges that also lies ahead for the MCU is introducing the movie fans to a very brand new big screen version of the favourite Wolverine. Being a fan-favourite part of the X-Men brand, the character is even guaranteed to be a part of the future plan for the mutants in the massive superhero franchise, and then with the famous actor Huge Jackman retiring from his part, MCU is going to have to find a new actor to play the part.