Sunday, June 13, 2021


We just heard the good news of him giving or feeding the needy ones. Donating so many things to the needy ones. The rapper recently damn near became a snack for a slithering snake and the snake left him is a bloody mess. The rapper was seen doing a music video this Thursday night and the crew was handing off a snake to the rapper, who was then sitting on some sort of chair or stair maybe. Then the incident took place.


The snake then out of nowhere, whipped around and sunk its fangs into the rapper’s left hand. The very scary moment was captured by the podcast host Adam Grandmaison also known as Adam22. There is a video of this incident and you can see there that Lil Pump fails as he extricates himself from the reptile. He then shows off the dangerous injury that had been caused.


The rapper’s left hand was covered with blood. And if you look closely near the end of the video which is uploaded in the social media you will see that the snake is setting its sights on a second victim. But these were the bad news for the Lil Pump fans but there is some good news too for the fans as well. the rapper does not seem that much hurt saying that he just got bit by a snake and he is very much shocked about this thing. He uploaded this incident in his account and he threw a snake emoji on the caption above and a few laughing ones before adding.

We know that he did not die and it is very good news. That news is very good and we are not in a very bad tension about this thing. Let’s hope that he will be healthy as soon as possible and we will have his songs too very soon.



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