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Skin Decision: Net Worth of Netflix’s skin makeover show’s cast.

Net Worth of Netflix's skin makeover show's cast.

Skin Decision Updates: Makeover shows are quite famous among the audience. And people often look forward to these shows to hide their previous scars or to enhance their beauty. While many of these shows focus on how the people received the scars, instead of understanding the reason behind the scars.

But, Netflix’s Skin Decision: Before and After the show tries to narrate the actual plastic surgery protocol and all the stigmas associated with it. This show helps the clients to overcome the trauma owing to their scars, thereby proving that plastic surgery runs deeper than physical beauty.

It is a makeover reality show, which stars two medical professionals, Dr. Sheila Nazarian and Nurse Jamie. These two beauticians take a unique approach and use several unique methods to help their clients ailing from different backgrounds.

While Dr. Shiela focuses on surgical work, Nurse Jamie focuses on the non-invasive process. Both of them make a great team and help their clients who are troubled due to their physical imperfections.

Star cast of Skin Decision

Nurse Jamie Sherrill

Jamie Sherrill aka Nurse Jamie is a 49- year-old nurse and skin expert. It is her first official stunt, but she’s quite famous in her field. She owns the Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica and also has a beauty tool and skincare line, which led to her increased net worth.

Jamie’s net worth is approx $6million, owing to her business ventures and television appearances. She is also famous among several celebrities, such as Camila Mendes, Hillary Duff, and the Kardashians.

Jamie is reported to be dating a musician John Mellencamp after her engagement with Meg Ryan broke. She is a mother of triplets, Jagger, Marigold, and Madison from her ex-flame, Harold Wrobel.

Dr. Sheila Nazarian

Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a 40-year-old, certified plastic surgeon, also the owner and founder of Nazarian Plastic Surgery. She is also the curator of a medical-grade skincare range known as The Skin Spot. Sheila uses this skincare regime on her clients. Her net worth is approx $10 million.

Dr. Shiela is married to Fardad Mobin, a neurosurgeon, and has three kids from him. Fardad’s specialty is spine surgeries and both of them met via a common friend.

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