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Skin Decision: Cast And All The Other Things You Should Know!!

Skin Decision: Updates, Are you aware of the Netflix new TV reality series named Skin Decision? There are many people out there who have binge-watched the show. If you have watched then you know about Dr. Nazarian and Nurse Jamie. 

Here Are All The Details Of Them And The Show:-

All those people who are watching Skin Decision: Before and After want to know more about the two main casts of the show those are Dr. Nazarian and Nurse Jamie. This show debuted on Netflix on July 15, 2020.

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The show consists of 8 episodes and the running time of each episode is about 32-44 minutes. This show is a unique themed show as it shows some of the details about skin. It is a show for all those people who love a good glow up. Each episode in the show deals with different kinds of people dealing with different skin and body problems. They want a change and want to get a cure.

The stories these patients share are very emotional and life-changing. The patients are from gunshot victims to the mothers needing a reboot. One of the episodes of the show also features a famous model from the ’80s named Marla Hanson. She was in the headlines at that time because she was the victim of face slashing.

The show is all working with the help of two people, Dr. Nazarian and Nurse Jamie as they both are beauty specialists. They both handle the patients and meet with them. They consult with them and see whether the treatment should be surgical or it should be a normal one or non-surgical.

Not only do they cure their skin but also they help them from trauma. Not only this healing thing, but they both also have a killer sense of fashion. They both are experts in their field that’s why that is showcased in the show. 

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